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Welcome to Federal Laboratories Chemical Corp. Bulk Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

Federal Laboratories manufactures and processes Health Food Supplements and pharmaceutical raw materials for the wholesale market. Each product is made from start to finish at our facilities in Buffalo, New York. All products are comprehensively tested in our laboratories before leaving our facility. We offer custom pulverizing and analytical testing to meet your specific needs.

Bulk Inquiries

Please call or email us anytime for bulk pricing. We will endeavor to reply as quickly as possible.

All products are processed from start to finish in our facilities. Container quantities are available, minimum order is 1 kilo

The Value of a One Kilo Purchase

One Bottle = 90 - 500mg capsules
One kilo of our powder = 22 Bottles
Example: The approximate cost of one bottle of pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate is about $39.00 per bottle.
The cost of one kilo of our chondroitin sulfate is $180.00.
If one kilo amounts to 22 bottles worth of chondroitin sulfate, the cost of 22 bottles is $858.00.
Your savings by buying one bulk kilo of chondroitin sulfate is $678.00

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